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Fifty Two Bakes

Well here it goes. I am going to challenge myself to make 52 different baked goods from scratch to expand my baking horizons. 

I admit that I have been in a bit of a baking rut recently. I have been spinning my wheels making the same recipes for months without really venturing much out of my comfort zone. I have been keeping it safe with my full proof chocolate chip cookie recipe and my tried and true banana bread. Don't get me wrong. There is never anything wrong with the classics and pulling out those recipes that you can rely on but there is also something to be said for learning something new and leaning in to something that might scare you a little.

Join me as I test recipes and bake items that I have never attempted before and others that I have tried but want to improve. There will certainly be a lot of deliciousness, some failures and many lessons learned but that is all part of the fun. I guess I better stock up on the butter.

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